Paranormal 101-Introduction to the Paranormal

Presented by TnT Paranormal Investigators
To benefit Heartland Animal Shelter
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Saturday, October 11th at 6:00 PM
At Heartland Animal Shelter
2975 Milwaukee Ave.
Northbrook, IL

$25 Donation for the Animals at Heartland Animal Shelter

Topics include:

Who is TnT Paranormal and What Do We Do?

Paranormal Defined

History of Paranormal Research and TV

Types of Hauntings

Orbs, Light Anomalies, and Matrixing

EVP and Disembodied Voices

What is an EMF?

Why is Temperature important?

Tools of the Trade

Dangers of Ghost Hunting

Question and Answer

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 with a $25 Donation For the Animals at Heartland Animal Shelter!